Less thinking more doing

By: Angela Bosnjak

A little introduction

Laura Hébert (25) located in Belgium and born in Kenya is now living her remotely dream life as an independent content creator and social media strategist. In only one year she has already helped 40 clients with their online communication. She mostly focuses on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook and helps her clients to boost their brand awareness and sales.

25 years old and already celebrating the one year anniversary of her creative marketing agency ‘Create With Laura’. I had the honor to interview this boss lady and give you, my fellow future entrepreneurs, some useful tips you can follow while going through your journey of becoming a solopreneur.

Now, sit back, take a nice drink and let’s dive with me into the world of social media strategist and content creator Laura Hébert.

The Dream

For some time Laura has been following different entrepreneurs who inspired her with their lifestyle. Seeing them travel while working was something she wanted too. She describes herself as a very independent woman who seeks freedom in her style of working. She always knew working at a company was not meant for her. “I have always known, I wanted to start my own business”

“I have always known, I wanted to start my own business”

From partnership to clients

After a very learningful digital marketing training, Laura started a partnership with Joachim Badejoh, founder of BadeMedia, a social media advertising agency. Two months as Joachim’s right hand, exchanging lots of experiences and knowledge, she knew she was meant to start something on her own. Joachim saw her talents and became her first client, as they were in need of good content for their social media accounts. Starting with BadeMedia helped Laura set a foot in the entrepreneurial industry, gain more clients and eventually make the bold move to launch her marketing agency ‘Laura Hébert Agency’’.

“Words are not enough, make it official with a contract or via mail”

Mistakes and struggles

With a lot of faith in humans, Laura started her entrepreneurial journey. Unfortunately, she quickly realized you cannot trust everybody. Verbal agreements and miscommunication caused clients not to be really committed to their engagement. “Words are not enough, make it official with a contract or via mail”. The lesson was hard and Laura sometimes still struggles with making everything official, but she knows that professionalism and getting the commitment she deserves is important too.

40 clients and still counting

One year further and Laura can already count 40 clients. When starting the agency, she did not know what was waiting for her. ‘Will I succeed or not? Am I skilled enough? Do I have enough knowledge?” A lot of thoughts going through her mind, but one that made sure she went through. “Less thinking, more doing”. Reminding herself of it everyday gives her the motivation she needs.

“One thing I do, I make sure to rest every Sunday”

Besides, she makes sure that she is getting enough sleep and that she makes a good balance between work and personal life. “I still struggle with time management, but one thing I do is make sure that I rest every Sunday”. A lot of young entrepreneurs are going through a burn out, because of not setting boundaries. Resting while you have not achieved everything yet is OKAY!


3 tips from Laura for future entrepreneurs

TIP 1: Less thinking more doing

Stop overthinking and just take action. When you want to start your business you will never be fully skilled or have all the knowledge, but that does not mean it should prevent you from just doing it. Figure things out on the go, take challenges, ask for help, stay up-to-date about new trends and do all the research you can. If you do nothing, you will stay frozen for too long.

TIP 2: Take a step back sometimes

Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone, it can be really hard. Therefore it is important to sometimes take a step back and disconnect for a while and do something else you also love, to get your energy back. As soon as you feel like your concentration is low, you get quickly tired and you are not as productive as usual, this is your sign. Allow yourself to have some rest and vacation even though you are not yet where you want to be. Be mindful, a lot of younger entrepreneurs are dealing with a burn out. Take care of yourself!

TIP 3: Make a to do list

The life of an entrepreneur can get overwhelming. A to do list and checking tasks off really helps to motivate you and gives you structure in your working life. It helps you plan and get a clear overview.


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